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Conclave 2016 (Achewon Nimat - Host Lodge), April 22-24, 2016 Camp Royaneh:

We need you.  Achewon Nimat is the host lodge for the 2016 Section W3S Conclave to be held at Camp Royaneh over the weekend of April 22-24, 2016.  Mark the date in your calendar now so that you can help out.  We want to get at least 100 arrowman to help with the various tasks.  As host lodge we are responsible for the facilities management of the conclave as well as the dinning operations.  If you can help out, please contact the following arrowmen to sign up.

A combined conclave preparation & ordeal weekend is scheduled for April 15-17 in order to get Royaneh ready for the over 300 arrowmen that we expect to be in attendance.  Our lodge is also planning on having some specific items only available to lodge members that help out at the conclave.  A special T-shirt, patch, uniform epaulets and Achie-4-Life head sash will be available.  More information will be posted as we start the planning process.

Order of the Arrow Centennial Project:

Were you associated with the lodge before 1970?  If so we need your help.  We are currently working on  the history project for the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow, known as the Centennial Project. We are looking for stories, interesting lodge happenings and personal recollections to add to the history booklet.

NOAC 2015:

Monday, July 27, 2015 - We all met at the Jack London Square Amtrak station starting at 7:30 pm.   Tagged our various luggage with the Amtrak tags and everyone played hacke sack until it was time to board the train.  Boarded Train at 9:45 from Track 1 area “C” and proceeded to the second floor where we were assigned seats.  Everyone was able to be seated on the same train.  The observation car was directly in front of us and the dining car one more up.  The Coast Starlight train had xx cars and we were the third car from the back.  The train was pulled by a single diesel locomotive.  We left Oakland at 10:18PM, 40 minutes late from our scheduled departure time.   Liz Brandon was out tour coordinator for the West to East bound leg of the trip.  NOAC Here we come!  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - Tuesday for us started at 12:02 AM as we plowed through Fairfield on our way to the Davis train station.  It’s amazing how many additional people we picked up during the course of the evening at the various train stations along the way.  At Sacramento alone we picked up about 50 new riders at 12:42 in the morning.  Our first night on the train was a challenge for many of us.  Not everyone was sleeping and the ones that did fall asleep said it wasn’t that restful.  Tonight will be another story, I think exhaustion will be setting in.  When the sun came up, our train had made it to Dunsmuir just below Mt Shasta.  This by far began the most scenic part of the trip.  The train ride from Dunsmuir up to Eugene, OR was spectacular as we crossed beneath Mt Shasta, over rivers where we could see salmon swimming, through forests of green trees, canyon vista’s and countless mountain tunnels.  For breakfast most of us ate in the dining car where we had omelets and French toast, quite a treat for a train.  Entertainment for most of the boys was looking out the windows, watching movies or playing video games.  

Obviously it’s pretty difficult to hide the fact that we are a group of Scouts on a cross country trip.  A couple sitting a few rows away from us commented to Melissa and Liz that they were very impressed about how the Scouts were so well behaved for such a diverse group of ages.  Once we arrived in Portland at the Union Station we disembarked from the Coast Starlight train so that we could board the Amtrak Empire Builder train which takes us to Chicago.  During our stop-over in Portland we had pre-arranged to have dinner brought to us from a local Mexican restaurant.

Our many thanks go to the Mike Petersen family of Portland, OR for going out of their way to pickup and bring us dinner during our stop over at the Portland train station.  This is the second NOAC that the Petersen family has assisted our contingent with this endeavor.  The entire Achewon Nimat contingent sends its thanks to the Peterson family and Kayla for ensuring our bellies were full.

After Portland we followed the Columbia River all the way until the Pasco train station in Washington.  What a site the Columbia is with dam’s and rock clift’s.  We arrived at the Spokane train station in Washington late in the evening so that the train could be reconfigured.  We picked up a dining car and some other passenger cars to continue our trip east to Chicago.  We ended Tuesday on the rails somewhere between Spokane, Washington and Idaho.  See you tomorrow.  NOAC here we come!

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With a history of service that dates back to 1944 with the founding of Royaneh Lodge 282 and then three years later with the founding of Machek N'Gult Lodge 375, Achewon Nimat lodge continues to provide leadership and service to the San Francisco Bay Area Council.

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