In the Scouting community, we honor, grieve and share the passing of a long-time scout leader in the same tradition of Lord Baden-Powell by using the trail symbol for "Gone Home”. This is a simple circle with a dot in the middle and was used as a trail sign in the early 1900s to show other hikers that you had reached the end of the trail. Scouting uses this same symbol to show respect to our fellow Scouters and Arrowman who have passed away. Baden-Powell’s tombstone uses this simple symbol. For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest E. Urner Goodman, founder Order of the Arrow.

Gone Home (In Memory)

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Achewon Nimat Arrowman that have Gone Home: 1938 - 2019. John “Jack” Wynton - Live Oak Village Adviser, Wekemnayon Village Adviser, Founders Award Recipient, Vigil Honor Recipient, Live Oak & Peralta District Leader, Troop 339 Scoutmaster. Father of Eagles, Vigil Arrowman and Achewon Nimat Lodge Officers 1964 - 2019. Jeff Wynton - Live Oak Village Chief, Achewon Nimat Lodge Vice-Chief, Vigil Honor Recipient 19xx - 2019. Elizabeth Boileau - Royaneh Village Adviser, Founders Award Recipient, Vigil Honor Recipient 1924 - 2015. Ken Parker - Vigil Honor Recipient, Lodge Associate Adviser, SFBAC Eagle Board Chairmen 19xx - 2012. Carl Pretzel - Vigil Honor Recipient 19xx - 2012. Jim Smith - Founders Award Recipient, Vigil Honor Recipient 19xx - 2011. Bill Parker - Lodge Adviser, Amangi Village Adviser, Tres Ranchos Leader, Troop 702 Scoutmaster, Founders Award Recipient, Centurion Award, Vigil Honor Recipient