Achiefest: This committee plans and conducts the annual Lodge fellowship weekend or other “just for fun” activities. Arrow Point: This committee prepares and publishes the quarterly Lodge newsletter. Banquet: This committee plans, coordinates and hosts the Lodge’s annual banquet. Brotherhood: This committee encourages and works with the Ordeal members of the Lodge, as they pass through the three stages of their journey to Brotherhood and their Brotherhood walk. You must be a Brotherhood or Vigil member to serve on this committee. Camp Promotions: This committee develops plans for encouraging Packs, Troops and Crews throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Council to participate in council camps, district events, other council events and National events each year. Cub Scouting: This committee develops and coordinates the Lodge’s promotion of the Cub Scout camping program and the WEBELOS transition experience. Ceremonies: This committee recruits and trains ceremonial teams, instructs members on appropriate ceremonial costumes, keeps ceremonial grounds in good condition, and conducts Lodge and Scout unit ceremonies when requested. It consists of the ceremonies teams for the Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil honors. Cook Team: This committee plans event menus, purchases event food and supplies and prepares event meals. Dance Team: This committee learns and performs Indian dances at OA activities and other venues, as appropriate. Elangomat: This committee selects, trains, and supports the Arrowmen, who serve as guides for the candidates as they proceed through their induction sequence. Finance: This committee develops and presents for approval the Lodge’s annual budget in support of its administrative and program needs. In addition they provide a review function, as needed, for the Lodge Treasurer’s area of responsibility. Klondike Derby: This committee plans, coordinates and conducts the San Francisco Bay Area Council’s annual Klondike Derby (the outdoor snow camping experience). Leadership Development: This committee plans, coordinates and conducts an annual conference to build members’ leadership and job-specific skills; coordinates continued leadership training throughout the year based on current Lodge needs. Membership: This committee’s responsibilities include: acting as the focal point the Lodge dues collection process including the contact of each inactive Lodge member, the distribution of the membership cards, and other membership retention activities. National Events: This committee is responsible for the planning, budgeting, coordinating, and providing the contingent leadership for all National OA events that the Lodge participates in. OA Troop Representative: This committee is responsible for Induction: This committee is responsible for planning and coordinating with all of the other committees that have responsibilities in an Induction weekend. One of the members from the committee serves as the Induction Master. Plan Book: This committee prepares the Lodge’s annual Plan Book, containing the calendar for the Lodge events, goals of the Lodge, and descriptions of the programs being emphasized for the year. This book serves as a guide to the Lodge events for the year. Service Projects: This committee suggests a yearly schedule of service projects, gets Lodge approval, and makes complete plans for getting the work done. Trading Post: This committee maintains and runs the Lodge trading post at all scheduled Lodge events. Unit Elections: This committee sends out information to the units regarding OA unit elections, trains unit elections teams within each village, and working through the Villages, schedules and conducts the election team visits to the units. Ensures the required paperwork is completed, forwarded to the Lodge for processing and correctly added to the Lodge records. Vigil Selection: This ad-hoc committee is responsible for reviewing the Vigil Recommendations for the current year and recommending the selected individuals to national for the Vigil Honor. Web site: This committee maintains the Lodge Web site. Where to Go Camping: This committee prepares and maintains the Lodge Where to Go Camping booklet and database. Winter Camp Awareness: This committee plans, coordinates and conducts the San Francisco Bay Area Council’s annual Winter Camp Awareness program..
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